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Training Services

Training: Services

Private Lessons

One hour private session with Lindsey help you tackle your training needs. You will receive written notes of these training sessions to continue to practice with your dog at home. It is recommended that the owner attends the training sessions, but we can arrange a time with just the trainer and your dog as well. If you think you may want more than one session, check out our bundle options to save!

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Manners Week

Monday-Friday midday training where the trainer comes to work with your pup on manners. 1.5 hour sessions each day of the work week both at home and out in the world. You will receive daily notes and pictures from the trainer! We will work on positive exposure to a variety of environments as well as three behaviors of your choice we will focus on throughout the week.

Veterinary Handling

If you have a dog that struggles at the vet or are just hoping to prevent fear in the future, this course is for you! Over the course of three sessions, we will practice a variety of things to help support you and your pup at the vet. Each dog's needs vary, so we will work to customize the experience to your dog and send you home with follow up notes to continue practice.

Clinical Dog Examination

Reactivity Training

Lickety Sit specializes in positive reinforcement training. Our approach to supporting reactive dogs involves helping the dog learn how to calmly disengage and instilling a positive emotional response when a trigger comes into sight. This process can take time, and we are here to help owner and dog work together towards a calmer, happier walk experience. We have a bundle option or are happy to work with you for a single session.

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Training Philosophy

Lickety Sit believes in offering a well-rounded approach to training, considering the individual drives and needs of each dog. We utilize positive reinforcement to help reward the behaviors we like to see while redirecting from behaviors that we want to eliminate. We believe training should foster positive emotions and strengthen the trust and bond between owner and dog.

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