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Lickety Sit

Dog Training in Bozeman, MT

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About the Owner

Lindsey Burns is Lickety Sit's owner and lead trainer. After adopting a feral dog with many unexpected behavioral issues, her journey into dog training began. Training at Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle, WA offered Lindsey the opportunity to learn alongside other incredible trainers while facing a wide variety of behaviors to trouble shoot. She can help to support you and your pup in training through puppy stages, basic manners, reactivity, and much more! In 2022 Lindsey became more interested in canine bodywork and became certified in Canine Myo-manipulative Functional Therapy. Let us know how we can help you today!

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Our Philosophy

We believe that rewarding a dog’s good choices and redirecting them before making mistakes creates a far less stressful and more enjoyable training experience for both dog and owner. We specialize in clicker training and are happy to help you troubleshoot solutions for unwanted behaviors. Our goal is to empower you to communicate with your dog through positive reinforcement training. We focus on helping you gain understanding of your pet through a basic understanding of animal behavior and by practicing clear communication with your pet. At Lickety Sit, we know the healthiest pet relationships are based on mutual love between dogs and their owners but also include taking the time to listen to what the dog is saying.

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"The more understanding humans have of their dogs the more enjoyable life becomes for both."
-Katarina Behan

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