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From Toys to Clothes, What We Love For Bozeman Dogs!


Toppl by West Paw

This is a great item to use as a puzzle, especially if you have both the large and smaller sizes. But, what I really love to use this product for is stuffing and freezing! Whether you soak and freeze kibble in it or freeze a bit of yogurt or peanut butter over the hole before filling it with broth, this toy makes for a wonderful pacifier! It is well made and can stand up to moderate chewers. If you have a destructo-dog, make sure to pick it up after they have collected the goodies!

Voyagers K9 Booties

Looking for a pair of dog booties that actually stay on? Voyagers K9 Apparel makes breed specific gear and their booties are nice and tall and secured at two points. Voyagers K9 also makes great coats and sweaters! 

Photo by Allysa Wagner

Image by Ayla Verschueren

Paw Wax

Booties not right for your dog? Paw wax is a great alternative to dog booties on many occasions! Some dogs won't tolerate booties and some owners don't want to deal with them. We get that! Paw wax is a great way to help protect your pup's paws from cold, heat, and paw pad wear and tear.

Natural Bug Spray

Searching for a locally made, pet safe bug repellant? Then look no further! Tri-Animals makes bug spray that is safe for you and your pets! It feels good on my skin and my dogs don't flee when they see it. They also make a wound spray that works wonderfully on bug bites, cuts, and scrapes. See more by following the link below!

Image by Amelin Orenge
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